Storj- Decentralizing Cloud Storage

Storj- Decentralizing Cloud Storage

Imagine if the cloud wasn’t up here

but down here with us

That’s Storj.

Storj is a cloud shared by the community

It’s potentially the largest, cheapest, and most secure cloud available.

What you share is what you get.

You can even be paid by renting your extra space.

But how is it more secure?

Each file is shredded, encrypted and spread across the network

until you’re ready to use it again.

And you can be sure the files are safe

because the keys are in your pocket, not a company’s.

Only you have access to your stuff.

Because the network is shared,

you don’t have to worry about slow download speeds coming from one place.

We’re all helping to make the system blazing fast.

And if you have some extra space lying around,

you’ll get paid by users who need more than they can share.

It’s like renting out your empty hard drives.

A cloud with the security, no downtime, and speed at a fraction of the cost.

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