How to Host a Website with Google Drive?


How to Host a Website with Google Drive?

hey guys its to collect some here from
quant Bros doc comment today I’m gonna

teach you how to host

and design a website using Google Drive

alone it’s completely free I do all time
and it’s great for rapid prototyping

so first thing we’re gonna do is make
sure that you have

Google Drive installed on your computer
and there’s

there’s an app for Google Drive I’m just
gonna google that Google

drive ap as what you gonna do

make sure to download the proper version
installed on your computer

it’s gonna look like this so you’ve got
a little icon

you can open up the Google Drive folder
may be sure on a PC it might look a

little different but your Google Drive
folder should

I’ll be there soon you already got some
contact in your Google Drive

account on so what we’re going to do

is create a new folder I’m gonna call

my website now I’m going to go to

Google Drive dot com said drive dock
Google dot com

make sure you sign in goodyear drive

find the folder here it is my website

so the first thing that we have to do

is make it so that it is publicly

to the web so in order to do that we’re
gonna break click

on this folder we’re gonna go to share

and we’re gonna go to advanced

normally to share it with individuals
you have the email address or whatever

it may be

by a lot of people don’t know about this
you quick-change

go to public on the web this makes it
available to

everyone when I do can edit I’m not
really worried about security right now

I just want something that I can rapidly

prototype gonna go and hit save and

here we are we’ve got everything said up
now all we need to do

is and the files to the folder

so we’re gonna go back to that folder is
my website

I’ve gotten index to HTML here I’m gonna


and I’m gonna copy all the contents of
my website

is assuming you already know how to
build a website if you don’t

there’s plenty of tutorials online we
might even make one ourselves

but if you’ve got the files for your
website all you need to do is paste in


make sure that your index .html on the
first level

so the it’ll be click on the folder
inside that first folder should be your


index .html should not be nested in

it’s just like a normal web host
everything should be set up the same way

the only downside to this is that you
cannot host

I it’s a server-side languages like PHP

but it works great for HTML JavaScript

so pretty much for rapid prototyping
that’s that’s what your

its what you want to do so I’ve got

all the files there now if we

right click on the folder share see this

ID here that’s the idea that we’re going
to want

its a document ID so we’re going to

copy that I’m just gonna pasted so

now we’re gonna delete everything so
it’s just the ID here

duly sharing might not even affected all
I want is this

I D so now I’m going to copy the ID

then I’m going to go to my address bar
and I’m going to type in

Google Drive dot com make sure it’s not
drive dock Google dot com

should be Google Drive dot com then do

slash post slash and then

paste your ID the document id:

now the should take you directly to
index .html

its gonna treat it just like a website
and there it is

there’s my website now the beauty

love this is that if I want to change
something maybe

welcome hello I want it to

I say welcome hello some gonna save that
so that’s just gonna

override the index to issue known that
folder you saw

sink here there you go and

now if I refresh the web site

going to say welcome hello there it is

everything that you do everything that
you change

as long as its inside that Google Drive
folder and you save it

will be automatically synced to the
website and when you go to the website


its it’s gonna be there is can be
changed so when I like to do is just

bookmark it I’m scanning add a bookmark

call my website and so that way

if I ever wanna find it in the future I
can go straight to it

so that’s why I hope that helps you out

I know help me out I and for some reason
a lot of people don’t know about this

at I don’t know why it’s a incredibly

on I do this to design my website first
and the knife throw them under my host

so that way you know if I wanna make but
talent changes

on a Web site maybe I’m just coming up
with a new idea trying things out

I don’t have to worry about uploading it
to my host

every single time I make a change so
this is a great way to do that

as usual if you enjoyed the video be
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you have any questions let me know

visit cuadras dot com if there’s
anything that you’d like us to do any

videos you’d like us to make

let us know and we’ll try and crank
those out for your so yeah

hope you have a good day

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One thought on “How to Host a Website with Google Drive?

  1. Jacques Strappe

    Google no longer supports this feature. It’s currently very sporadic, and they plan to drop it in the future. You should update this page. Thanks for the intent, but you’re now just frustrating people who don’t know Google’s new policy.

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