Flint Hosts – What is a cloud server

Flint Hosts – What is a cloud server

what’s a cloud server how is it
different from dedicated service shared

service a good way to understand cloud
service is to think of them like houses

shared server is like a big house with
lots of people living in it that house

has its own water electricity gas and so
on but these resources are shared by


most of the time this is fine and
everyone is able to share equally but

every now and then someone may need more
water than everyone else because they’re

using more water

it means that less is available for the
other occupants likewise on a shared

server everyone shares the same
resources cpus ram and so on which

reduces costs considerably this is
normally fine but if say a website

suddenly starts to get increased traffic
the result will be less resources to be

shared among all the other users

this means that performance is affected
for other users on that shared server

for simple sites such as brochures style
sighs this isn’t really an issue for

companies that need to host
business-critical applications ecommerce

solutions or larger more complex web
sites this loss of resource can have a

serious impact on performance
productivity and potentially

profitability a more stable and
resilience solution is required a very

stable option is to use a dedicated
server purchasing a dedicated server is

like buying a house when you buy a house
you purchase not just the building but

its own block of land and all water
power gas rooms and so on for the

exclusive use of your house and no one
else can use them

the downside is that as the owner all
upkeep and maintenance is your

responsibility if your boiler goes on
the blink you’ll need to replace it or

learn to love the cold another downside
is that if you suddenly find your family

growing you need to start costly
extensions or sell up and find something

bigger like buying a house when you
purchase a dedicated server there are

expensive up front costs the plus though
is that a dedicated server has its own

hardware power operating system and

none of these are shared with other
service said no one can use your


this means that you have a very stable
environment the downside is that like

buying a house dedicated servers a very
expensive as you have to pay for all the

hardware and software exclusively you
also have to be very sure of how big

your business is going to be in the
short and medium turn get it wrong and

you leave their end up with
infrastructure that’s unable to cope

with demands or that is unnecessarily
large unlike a house server hardware

loses its Valley quickly so any capital
gains you may make on the hardware

assume reduced and get the value back
you need to fork out a new hardware

meaning cash flow is forever stretched
trying to keep up the demands of your

hosting requirements the best option is
a flint hosts cloud server Flint hosts

cloud servers are like luxury apartments
an apartment is part of a larger

building rather than one piece of land
allowing for only one house the same

size piece of land is able to serve
multiple homes so by the economies of

scale the cost of electric apartment is
considerably lower than that of a house

even their luxury apartment share the
same block like houses they have their

own water their own power their own

none of these are shared with other
apartments there for the exclusive use

of the occupant so they’re always

Flint hosts cloud servers work the same
way rather than one small server

servicing just one user a massive server
is split into many virtual servers each

virtual server has its own resources
operating system and software the

resources are shared with any other
virtual servers

this provides stability and resilience
even better with a flint hosts cloud

server you only need to pay for what you
need right now if you find your needs

increasing it simple to add extra space
ram or cpu processing power

likewise if you find your requirements
and no longer is demanding you can scale

back your size to suit so you never have
to pay for resources that you don’t need

to find out more about how Flint hosts

out service can improve your business
visit www.flu.gov code UK or call us on

over , Flint hosts hosting
solutions with a personal touch

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