Amazon Trained Ecommerce Specialist (ATES)

welcome to the Amazon trained ecommerce
specialist program he’s Rohit he’s an

entrepreneur who runs a small business
like any answer Eternia or seller who is

managing a small or large business

Rohit pastor simultaneously grapple with
multiple challenges and that two day in

and day out without any respite more
often than not

things get out of hand and become
unmanageable for sellers and

entrepreneurs like driving but all is
not lost

and there is a way out to deal with such
challenging situations

now what is this hi this is fit your
guide to amazon seller central in this

session I will introduce you to the
eighties program and describe its


amazon has lost a unique program called
Amazon trained ecommerce specialist

where entrepreneurs like road are
trained and certified on amazon seller

central are specialists assist sellers
across the entire spectrum of activities

from generating awareness signing them
for various amazon services onboarding

sellers helping them with product
listings managing email communications

managing orders and much more

in simple terms s makes the life of
sellers and entrepreneurs simple and


the primary objective of the ages
program is to augment the seller’s

efforts not just to launch manage and
grow their business but also held them

to explore additional amazon seller
central features the seller may not be

aware off and need assistance with you
might wonder as to how an eighties can

do all that and more all this is
possible because and eighties has

trained and certified on amazon
ecommerce platform by amazon experts and

can work on flexible timings and s can
provide amazon seller central training

manage sellers online accounts and
communications with their customers and

provide insights into a seller’s

this will allow the seller to save time
and effort and manage their online sales

efficiently resulting in enhanced sales
and increase in profits

I know what you’re thinking about right
now the eighties service is flexible and

so are its payments sellers only pay for
the services they have consumed more

offer sellers can discuss the feasts and
payment terms directly with our

representatives before the veil
services before I sign off

let’s look at what sellers are saying
about this innovative program eighties

is a unique and useful program started
by amazon india ages has helped me with

product listings manage emails which
resulted in incremental sets

eighties has good knowledge of managing
books category is punctual and available

on time that was all about s so when
are you planning to be associated with

this exciting service platform from

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