5 Reasons Why e-commerce is Growing

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It’s news to no one that
e-commerce continues

to grow at a rapid pace.

In fact, Forrester
predicts that online sales

will make up % of all
retail sales by .

But what’s behind
all this growth?

Check out these five factors
driving the e-commerce boom.

One of the biggest drivers
of e-commerce growth

is the rise of mobile commerce.

Reports show that around
% of web traffic

comes from smartphone
and tablet devices.

And thanks to increased comfort
from consumers purchasing

via mobile, you’ll see mobile
commerce continue to shine.

Second on our list
is the increase

in what the industry calls
Omni-channel capabilities.

For example, the ability to
buy online, pickup in store,

or buy online, return
in store, makes

it very easy for shoppers to
conveniently make purchases

on the web, then take
any additional steps

at a physical store location.

The third driver is our
newfound on-demand society.

We live in a world where a
driver is just seconds away,

groceries can be
delivered within an hour,

and you can hire
someone to help you

do just about anything online.

This type of instant

can also be seen in
e-commerce, where shoppers

want their items
purchased and delivered

in a convenient, timely manner.

Fourth up is the increasing
need of highly specialized,

or niche, products.

So if you’re looking to
find that original light

saber from the very
first Star Wars movie,

you’re unlikely to find
that at your local mall.

But online, that’s a
completely different ballgame.

Thanks to niche e-commerce
sites and shopping feed sites,

those hard to find products
drive a very important chunk

of online sales.

And last but not least,
shoppers continue

to search for the best
deals both on and offline.

Do you remember the last
time you were in a store

and you went online to find
a cheaper price or a coupon?

That behavior is
only accelerating,

and e-commerce is
the perfect platform

for shoppers to
compare prices and save

a few bucks, which leads to
even more industry growth.

Now with all of this
growth taking place,

it’s an exciting time to
be in the e-commerce game.

Keep these five
drivers in mind to help

frame your e-commerce
strategy, and get yourself

a bigger slice of the pie.

Have any questions?

Feel free to drop me a
line in the comments below.

From me to you, happy selling.

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